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Escape room games are the new way of recruiting, because under pressure it shows who is stress-resistant and team-oriented and who has analytical skills. You want to go an innovative and easy way to find out which candidate is best suited to the job and to your
Company fits? Then the Escape game is an excellent component of an AC, because you can observe the behavior of the candidates in stress situations as well as the cooperation within the team. In addition, the role of the candidates in the game becomes visible and take it. Normal interviews can be trained, but in fever and pressure, the true face of the candidate is quickly revealed. In the game, the individual types crystallize quickly because the participants soon behave intuitively. Thus the differences between action-oriented Machern, head humans, which analyze, spontaneous Kreativen or communication-oriented, which create structures or which take over guidance show up fast.

Recruiting = Escape Game + Psychological Evaluation + Counsulting

Mobile solution:

For the Escape game as a component of an AC’s our mobile version of the game offers itself. Thus, the game can be easily integrated into an AC event at your company.

Target group:

Your applicants and future employees.

Max. Number of players:

For the Escape game as part of an AC, a number of players from 6 to a maximum of 12 persons is suitable.


60 minutes playing time

Special features:

On request we can build a mobile individual MysteryRoom for you, which can be added to the products of your company and support you in the psychological evaluation.

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