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Mobile Solutions

If you want to rent a mobile Escape room or if you want mobile puzzle fun made to measure at your company event and at your desired location, then you will surely find the right offer for you at our Mobile Solutions.

MysteryRooms offers beside the classic Escape Games in mobile version also table-based puzzle concepts, which are optimized especially for groups with large numbers of participants. This allows simultaneous entertainment of up to 200 people or a high number of people over a longer period of time (e.g. at trade fairs).

Our table-based puzzle stations are the latest innovation from MysteryRooms. Through the scalability, which makes an adjustment of the capacity, the playing time or even the theme possible, even large numbers of people can be entertained at the same time. As with a classic Escape room, our mobile puzzle stations also focus on logical thinking and teamwork so that the tasks can be solved. And the best thing about it, we come with the mobile equipment to your event and brand the mobile stations if desired also gladly on your company. There are no limits to scalability.

Mobile solutions for every occasion

Mobiler Escape room

Tailor-made entertainment for major events


Changing station challenges and phase changes make it ideal for large groups.


Table based puzzle station that is completely scalable.

treasure chest

The treasure chest for young and old based on the Captain’s final chest.


Tischbasierte Unterhaltung und Promotion mit kurzer Spieldauer.

agent's suitcase

Freely configurable puzzle case for various sets and age groups