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Playful knowledge transfer with Escape games. Experience games can be used ideally on behalf of the emotionally involved knowledge and skills transfer. Our mobile games with innovative entertainment offer the possibility to optimize the learning process through emotional involvement. This allows information to be acquired in a playful way. Our BrainBoxes and MysteryStations are ideal for imparting knowledge. The puzzles are manifold and make what you have learned tangible, because you can play with all your senses. Thus smells must be recognized, tone sequences in colors transferred or objects be felt.

Playful learning

The ideal learning aid:

Through the playful imparting of knowledge
Learning disabilities bypassed and learnt things remain in memory for longer.

Target group:

Your employees, suppliers and customers. Also ideal for schools.

Max. Spieleranzahl:

2-4 Spieler, damit jeder persönlich in den Lernprozess involviert wird.


10-15 MIn

Special features:

Our MysteryBrainboxes and MysteryStations are suitable for knowledge transfer as they are modular, variable and adaptable to any topic.

Best practice examples

BrainBox on the subject of sustainability

GreenFootprint – the environmental box for the
Sustainability in cooperation with the
Environmental station Legau.

The 4 compartments of the BrainBox contain the areas mobility, energy and consumption.

Handwerkskammer Bayern

The Bavarian Chamber of Skilled Crafts commissioned MysteryRooms with a BrainBox to inspire young people to become interested in skilled trades.

Each of the 4 subjects contains tasks to crafts occupations: Tool science, dental technology, cosmetics, hairdresser, electro-technology, wood, glass, and food handicraft.

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