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Escape Games have many parallels to the professional world, because it is about solving tasks under time pressure, which are aligned to a goal and are mastered in cooperation with others. For this reason, the experiences of MysteryRooms are also good as a teambuilding measure. The willingness to experiment, precise communication, complex thinking and the delegation of tasks are some of the skills that can be tested and improved in such a situation. The joint solution of the numerous tasks promises a sequence of success experiences, which increase in the community of the team and thus create a strong connection.


MysteryRooms offers a wide range of Escape Game entertainment for your team event, even for large groups of up to 200 people.


With our goal-oriented and cpd accredited trainings you will get the best out of your team.


Escape room games are the new way of recruiting, because under pressure it shows who is stress-resistant and team-oriented and who has analytical skills.

knowledge transfer

Escape space experience games can be used ideally on behalf of the emotionally involved knowledge and skills transfer.

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