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The BrainBox is a mobile puzzle station where the fascination of the trend event Live Escape Game was brought into a compact shelf. The box can be played on both sides by up to 6 players (3 per side). The team starts at the only unlocked door and finds a puzzle whose solution results in the code with which the next door can be opened. The puzzles are manifold and make the puzzle experience tangible, since all senses are played with. In the last subject the team usually finds a treasure. In addition to innovative entertainment, the BrainBox offers the possibility of optimising the learning process through emotional involvement.

Ideal trade fair magnet

Mobile puzzle station

Can be played simultaneously from both sides.

Target group:

Age: from 12 years, adaptable for all target groups. Especially suitable for teambuilding, trade fairs, company events,
Conferences, birthdays.

Max. Number of players

Up to 6 people, 3 per page. On request we can provide you with several BrainBoxes.


short duration and thus high person throughput (10-20 min).

Special feature:

Trade fair magnet: high activation potential as the box arouses curiosity.

Individualisation in theme world and branding possible.

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