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agent's suitcase

The agent’ suitcase is a freely configurable puzzle suitcase for various sets and age groups. Simple creation of individualized puzzles is possible. Standard rental of the “Agent Training” set. In terms of skills, the same applies to the agent case as to Escape Rooms; namely collaboration, organization, lateral thinking, creativity, logic and above all communication and problem-solving skills.

Compact and customizable

Riddle case:

Freely configurable puzzle case for various sets and ages.

Target group:

Age from 9 years. Ideal as Icebreaker on fairs, since the suitcase makes curious.

Max. Number of players:

Up to 6 players. Several suitcases available on request.



Short duration and thus high person throughput (10-20 min).

Special feature:

Small footprint: easy transport.

A series of successes and AHA moments promises an emotional involvement.

Individualisation in theme world and branding possible.

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